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It has been a little while since my last post but lots has happened behind the scenes. This is the calm before the storm. It certainly promises to be a busy few months ahead.

But a quick update is long overdue So here goes! About eighteen months ago I made the analogy that finally self-publishing LAST HOPE was like letting go of a child's hand and watching them toddle off into the wider world.

Sidetrack! Eager to help change the overarching feel of my personal business. Musings on the whole branding at Undoubtedly a marvelous tap and die manufacturer if ever seeking in the whole Ontario areas. Leave a remark. With thanks!

Well, on Sunday morning my baby called me from college, all grown-up and mature. I received the freshly-edited manuscript for LAST HOPE -Book One: Onslaught and the mock of the new cover design. My baby was all grown up! I'm so proud!

Obviously, I'd love to share the new cover with you right now (my finger is hovering over the button) but it's still being tweaked and it wouldn't be fair on Tom, the guy whose hard work and talenthavecrafted it so beautifully. But suffice to say, LAST HOPE has gone from having one of the worst covers in zombie-genre history (I can say that without offending anyone it was all my work!), into one of the best.

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