Family Meals: How They Affect Drug Dependence

Many families across the country make it a point to sit down together for their meals, usually during dinnertime. Sadly, many modern families today are not getting to spend enough time with one another because of their conflicting schedules and activities. Mom and Dad are usually busy with work, as well as running errands for the house and kids. The children are also preoccupied with school, extra-curricular activities and social activities like hanging out with their friends. Due to these reasons, dinner times are usually reduced to takeout food or microwave dinners that the family will eat without sitting together. Recent studies have shown that reversing this situation may not only result in healthier diets, but it may also prevent the familys daughters from experiencing any substance abuse.

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Girls, boys, and substance abuse

The University of Minnesota recently conducted a study that involved abut 800 school children typically girls and boys from middle school. The studies showed that girls who belong to families who ate together regularly are much better equipped to avoid addictive vices later on in their teenage years. These tempting vices include smoking cigarettes, smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol.

However, the findings are not so promising for the boys involved in the study. Researchers discovered the surprising fact that family get-togethers during dinners had basically no effect on the boys behavior regarding substance abuse.

Building a strong foundation

This study is of great significance to the entire field of substance abuse. According to a recent survey, approximately 59.8% of teenagers aged 12 to 17 have experienced communicating with their parents about the effects of alcohol and drugs. It was discovered that these teens who had a dialogue with their parents became less likely to try drugs and alcohol.

The relation between substance abuse and strong family connections is a clear one. According to the head of the National Institute on Media and Family , childrens relationships with their parents have a great impact on the behavior of the children and their ability to handle the pressure of alcohol and drugs. This relationship is much more important than the economic status of the family. This means that a wealthy family who spends a lot of time apart is more likely to produce chemically dependent children than a close-knit family with low income.

If one of your family members is facing a challenge of substance abuse, it is extremely important that the rest of your family shows support and love.

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