How to make sure your phone is always charged

We live in glory days of our lives where we do everything in our smartphones. We book appointments, send text messages, answer mails, play games, record, read articles through smartphones. But the worst thing is when your phone is low battery. I know you don't want to lose your important appointments and missed calls, hence make sure your phone is always full on battery. Here are 5 tips I usually use to charge my phone the fastest way but still guarantee it's safety.

1. Turn on Airplane Mode

This is the most common trick that everyone uses, I think. Turning on Airplane mode means the phone stops receiving all mobile signals. Of course you can't receive phone calls, text messages or use 3G during this time but in the long run, it helps your phone charges faster. If you are waiting for important calls, you can turn off Airplane Mode after 5-15 minutes.

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2. Turn off your phone

You can do this when you have free time from using your phone. Of course you can't take a selfie, make a comment on Facebook or turn on an alarm. Therefore only use this when you have quite a lot of free time. You can turn off your phone while charge overnight. You will be surprised by how many batteries you getafter turning on the phone.

3. Turn off all unnecessary features/apps

If you don't use Bluetooth, turn it off. You're in a No-WiFi zone? Turn WiFi off. Don't use GPS? Turn it off as well. Try to minimise all unnecessary features and background apps if you don't use. Some apps are still running even when you don't use it. Those unnecessary apps are like evil enemies secretly waste your battery and make your phone's temperature hot like a hot brick on a sunny day.

4. Use official chargers

To minimise the time to charge your phone, you need to use the official charger provided inyour phone package. The reason is because eachphone model requires different minimum/maximum voltage capacity and not all of chargers meet that requirement. This is important: If you are in a hurry, you absolutely have to avoid charging through computer because it reduces drastically charging speed of your phone. I have charged my phone through computer multiple times and trust me, my phone is screaming in silent. I have done my sins, now it's your time to avoid it people.

There are a lot of power bank chargers in the market right now. It's super convenient because you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere as long as you bring your power bank with you. However, try to minimise using it as much as possible. I recommend you only use it in the emergency case, otherwise your phone battery will be getting weak really fast.

5. Stay away from your phone!

I know this is hard, because most of us are smartphone addicts. We can't stay away from phones for too long because we are fear of missing something in the digital society. But checking your phone every 30 second while charging is a "1 step forward, 2 steps back" myth of charging phone. Touchscreen on smartphone requires a lot of motions to work and screen brightness is also an enemy of saving battery. Checking your phone repeatedly won't give you any new notifications, it only gives you bad charging time and weak battery for your phone.

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