10 Simple Steps to Start Writing Your Genealogy Memoirs Today

Heres a foolproof 10-step organizational plan for writing your memoirs and life stories. Just follow the steps and they will guide you through the process of starting, developing and completing your personal stories. Theres nothing like true stories to bring your familys genealogy to life!

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Creating a Life Map

To start, make a list of the personal memories or memory fragments that you can recall from your youth. Next to each memory, write your age at the time of the occasion and then organize the list by age. This list will become your Life Map and your invaluable working tool for writing your memoirs.

Choosing a Burning Memory

From your Life Map, choose the memory that brings out your strongest emotional response and begin to write. Ask yourself the following questions: Where did this memory occur? Was there anyone in the memory with me? Who? When? What could I see, hear, smell, taste? The most important question to ask is: Why does this memory evoke such strong feelings for me? What does it say about my family history?

Free Writing

Without editing or questioning your work, simply write the words of your storywith feelings and all you can remember about the memory. Then take a short break before going back to read what you've written. (I have found that taking a break from my writing gives me new vigor toward fleshing out my story. I have also often been surprised to learn that, when I went back to the story, I could remember more about the event!) After completing any desired changes or additions, read the story out loud to find any missing words or errors. Now you are ready to share the story with someone else, hear his or her response and decide if you want to make further revisions.

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