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So, for those who know me in real life, they know that motivation and I are rarely friends. In fact, I can make doing nothing stretch out into the day, and not get anything done. Of course, when you work as a freelance writer in your "real job," you can't just sit around doing nothing all day. If you don't hustle, clients get pissed, husbands get angry, and banks have a tendency to take your house away.

Lately, though I have been doing particularly well. Here are three ways I increased my productivity.

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1. I now write every day. You may think that this is counter intuitive. How can forcing myself to write every day make me write more when I procrastinate? Simply, the thought "will I write today" doesn't occur. You know why? There is no question that writing will occur. If I am awake and breathing, some writing must occur. It becomes non-negotiable.

2. I lowered my expectations. I can hear the perfectionists out there howling with fury, but this has helped most of all. I no longer require that I write a certain amount any day. I merely have to make an effort to write. Either 200 words or 2000, I celebrate completing either one of them. When I write everyday and make the effort, I am telling myself that writing is important. To my surprise, I end up writing far more when I can tell myself I only have to try. I am more productive now than I ever was when I demanded a certain amount of output.

3. I am working on shorter pieces. This allows me to meet some goals quickly. When I finish a short story, I feel good because I have accomplished something. The psychological boost from setting, working towards, and meeting multiple goals has made me feel good about myself. I still want to work on novels, but now I feel more motivated towards fiction because I have had some success. It's all a mental game for me.

If you are a writer or anyone who tries to meet goals, you may want to try some of these ideas out. Make the action a habit. Lower your expectations on yourself. Give yourself small goals to meet so that you feel good about yourself.

One of the most important things I do now is celebrate my goal of just trying every day. Either I will buy myself a book or allow myself to watch something on Netflix. Even though these ideas would have seemed preposterous to me a month ago, they have all conspired to give me my best month of productivity in the two years I've been full time as a writer.

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