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Continuing right along with my most commonly asked question segment. Another question I get asked quite often is what is the hardest part of being a dancer.

Every day we go into the studio, and every day we dance. It doesn't matter what's happening in our lives, it doesn't matter how we feel, we dance. That can be incredibly therapeutic in a lot of ways. We get to work through our problems with the physicality, rigor, and commitment that we have to our careers. But as I'm getting older I'm finding that the rigor that helps me, also hurts me the next morning. I'm not as young and spry as I used to be.. I feel a collective eye rolling happening as I'm writing this but it's true! You have to keep it in perspective that dancer career years, are like dog years.

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Were limited to a very short career, that's jam packed with action. So as I'm getting older I'm finding that the mornings are getting tougher and tougher. The bounce back from soreness isn't what it used to be. Which has forced me to get smarter. More exercises outside of the studio, better health and nutrition, and physio are all things that help to reduce the bounce back time. But when I first wake up, and roll out of bed That is the hardest part about being a dancer. As soon as the weight of my body hits my feet there is pain Every joint in my legs is screaming at me to lie back down and never stand up again. My back feels like it's been fused into one solid chunk and holding a coffee cup feels nearly impossible for my beaten up shoulders But as the day rolls on and I dance through my day, I don't feel the pain as much. Because these aren't injuries, I'm not actually hurt. I'm sore. Which I think is a good thing. It means that the day before I did something that my body has never done before. I pushed myself in ways that I'd never tried before.

That's what me being sore today means. Which really at the end of the day, is what we're going for as dancers. If you're not pushing yourself then what's the point?

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