Travel, no matter how well-planned your trip, allows for the unexpected...

Travel, no matter how well-planned your trip, allows for the unexpected and interesting to happen. Though I don't prefer to go on organized group trips, it's still travel. No matter your style, there's no doubt that knowing some of the language can make you trip into something so much more.

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Being able to speak with the locals and become closer to understanding the culture is a benefit to knowing and using English. You can get around easier, get what you are looking for, or more importantly, find the unexpected. It's not only a responsibility to know the language before you go, it should be in your best interest.

Safety is of course a big concern when traveling. If you can't communicate to other people during an emergency, a terrible outcome might come around. Knowing the language can help prevent a enjoyable trip turning into a disaster. Even if the country's official language isn't English, English is the most widely spoken language. Being able to speak basic English confidently can get you further than you may think.

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