Dealing with illness

And I am a second year medical student, so I should know enough about the process. And my parents have been in and out of hospitals for the past decade or more, and my dad has had a good number of surgeries during that time. So I am fairly familiar with all the little things to be expected in and out of hospital. It feels different when it is now my turn though.

When it is a loved one going under the knife, we just make sure that we are strong for each other, that everyone else's medical conditions are under check, that bouts of anxiety or panic attacks don't surface, that no one slips into any form of depression, that the weight of their routine tasks be lifted off their shoulders, and that everyone stay physically and mentally fit until the entire ordeal is over.

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For most of dad's surgeries during my undergraduate years, thismeant takingon a lot more paid work because at the time we we're just establishing ourselves here having traveled from halfway across the world away. This also meant that I didn't take a break from my degree,because it would have broken everyone's hearts to see me do that. The driving took a toll on me though, driving to school and back, work and back, work #2 and back, possibly work #3 and back, drop mom to work and back, hospital visits and back, groceries and back, chores and back, and all these tripsmay easily have added up to about a hundred and fifty miles of driving a day. And then came the whole lack of a support system here, given that all my friends and family that I grew up with we're halfway across the world from me, and the unfamiliarity of this new land and it's ways started to matter, pushing me to the limits of my strength at every corner.

As time went by though, we felt a lot more grounded here. We had been through some tough hurdles and emerged victoriously with hard work and courage. We had managed to create a family income that was later able to carry itself on with little supervision. We now had a roof of our own over our heads again. And everyone's health conditions had almost steadied after about a decade of uncertainty and chaos.

Once the storms had settled, I decided to start on my post graduate work. And then, another storm hits us, through both mom and dad. Mom wasn't able to handle another of dad's episodes with me being away, and then her conditionssurfaced, mostly as physical manifestations of psychological conditions. And it works for everyone that I am back at home now. Fortunately, I am no longer needed for the long hours of paid work or the hundreds of miles of driving. It's more of a spiritual role where I try to make sure everyone stays sane.

We cross oceans for our loved ones, we take on their roles when they are unable to do so themselves, even their most mundane routine tasks that may otherwise go unnoticed. We provide them with food and shelter, medicines, and even help them shower if that turns out to be a need. Sometimes all they need is an encouraging word, or to have their train of thought diverted towards a healthier destination. We do this because these members in our closely knit circles have helped turn us into everything that we are. They have had the biggest roles to play in our upbringing, and when an opportunity presents itself to us to give back, it is up to us to take advantage of it wholeheartedly.

So now it is my turn. And even after all this, this feels new. I've obviously experienced illness before in numerous formsbefore. And I have learned to lie down and let things go. The body knows how to heal itself, and until it does, we just wait it out. We can't let ourselves get anxious and worried and depressed. And lying in bed is no time for pondering over the meaning of life. Not for me at least. The recovery process, though, I feel, has often brought me closer to the truth, because getting back up on one's feet usually involves a lesson and thus, growth. Until then, can I be the observer? Separate myself from whatever is going on? Tell myself that this too shall pass? And keep myself distracted and entertained until I feel like myself again? It is time to leave it in the hands of the experts and the stores of boundless love that surround us, and look to the skies for peace.

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