Construction Site Clean-Ups


Do you need construction debris removed from your ongoing project?

Do you have renovation debris piled up in your garage or backyard from a recently completed project? If so, you have come to the right place. EarthWise Hauling is the only junk removal company in Orange County that is also a State Licensed Debris Removal Contractor. You can see our license information on the Contractors State License Board website here:


It might seem hard to believe that we are the only licensed debris removal contractor in the County, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

If you are shopping around, ask our competition for their State License Number. Don’t be fooled by City Business license numbers. Those don’t mean anything. They merely allow a business to operate within a specific city and its mostly for tax purposes.

Being a State Licensed Contractor means we are fully licensed, bonded and insured to remove any type of non-hazmat construction debris.

We can remove Wood, tile, drywall, insulation, steel, wiring, fixtures, appliances, flooring, windows, bricks, concrete, asphalt, sand, dirt and all other types of material.

Thinking about saving a few bucks by renting a dumpster?

Better be prepared to load everything yourself! You also have to sort different types of material into different dumpsters, depending on the City, due to C&D recycling regulations. Also, depending on the City, you may have to get a permit just to have the dumpster parked in the vicinity of the job site or debris pile. You can avoid all these hassles by hiring EarthWise instead. We offer full service removal of all types of construction debris and we handle all the recycling, legalities, taxes and fees on our end so you don’t have to deal with anything.

When you need a window replaced, you call a window company, and when you need work done on your HVAC system, you call an HVAC company. If you need to replace a plumbing line, you call a plumber. I think you get the idea! When you need construction debris removed, call the professionals. Call EarthWise Hauling.

Receive an Online Booking Discount of $90!

Along with standard junk hauling, EarthWise also offers dense debris hauling. If you need assistance with removing dirt, concrete, sand, bricks, boulders, drywall, tile or stone, we’ve got you covered! Our team of strong spines will scoop, shovel and wheelbarrow all that heavy stuff so that you don’t have to. Dense debris pricing is very fair. We only charge $55 per wheelbarrow and that price is all inclusive. No taxes, dump fees or surcharges.

It’s important to remember that the final price of your removal job is always determined once we are on location.
After our trained and experienced removal technicians give you an estimated load size based on what they see in person, they will load up quickly and efficiently. Our pricing always includes all taxes and disposal fees. After the truck is all loaded up, the team will sweep up. You only pay us once your job is complete!


Hidden Fees?…

Don’t you hate the old bait and switch sales tactic? Us too! That’s why we don’t hide our extra fees!

You should expect to pay extra if:

1. You require our team to dismantle or demo items for you prior to loading or if there are small items and loose trash that we need to gather up and load into bags or boxes before loading onto our truck. This would incur a labor charge.

2. You have a specialty item that is unusually heavy or awkward, such as a piano, safe, or hot tub. This would incur either a “dense material” charge or a “hard to handle” charge.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Wondering if we can handle your job?

Here are a few things we’ve removed…

  • 250 LB Commercial Freezer (with our eyes closed) – Cost For Removal: $220
  • 375 LB Cast Iron Bathtub (a good warm up) – Cost For Removal: $250
  • 525 LB Tall Upright Piano (is this considered heavy lifting?) – Cost for Removal: $275
  • 800 LB Hot Tub (now that was a good work out) – Cost For Removal: $600
  • 950 LB Fire Safe (OK, now we’re just bragging) – Cost For Removal: $250
  • 1700 LB Camper Shell (Is there anything we can’t haul?) – Cost For Removal: $1500

Remember, we are removal professionals, not the guy down the street with a pick-up truck! We can handle whatever you can throw at us!

Items that can be re-purposed or recycled:

  • Appliances
  • Water heaters
  • All types of metal
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Dirt
  • Green waste
  • E-Waste
  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Household goods
  • Toys
  • Building materials
  • Computers

How is EarthWise Hauling Eco-Friendly?

We have not dumped at a landfill in over 9 years!

We recycle up to 100% of your junk! We accomplish this by hand sorting your unwanted goods in our warehouse facility. We then take various types of materials to the proper recycling facilities and donation centers. In fact, we even have our own EarthWise Second-Hand store in the City of Orange! This enables us to repurpose tons of “junk” that would’ve otherwise not have been able to see new life.

What about our trucks?

What good is recycling when the truck that’s doing it is pumping out pollutants all day? That’s what we thought too! As of March 2015 we switched over to Natural Gas powered trucks. We are the only junk removal service in California with clean burning CNG trucks. This is just another way we strive to reduce our carbon footprint, even as we drive between customers and recycling centers.

Over the last 10 years, EarthWise Hauling has diverted over 10,000,000 lbs of waste from Orange County landfills!

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