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In the Southern California area, droughts are unfortunately somewhat normal. In fact, in 2021, the state of California is undergoing another drought- this one being a historic “megadrought,”  that’s expected to last through October. According to the US Drought Monitor, more than 95% of the region is enduring a “moderate” to “exceptional” drought. While the statistics can be alarming, there is a lot of work that can be done in order to help preserve water. Cities such as Long Beach have been working hard to make water conservation easier for its residents. In comparison to other U.S. cities, and even in the Southern California region, Long Beach has a head start on saving water in its communities.

Recently, Governor Gavin Newsome asked California residents to reduce their water consumption by 15%, but it isn’t a bad thing if residents can save more. While most cities are trying to adapt to changes, Long Beach has a lower water usage average than the majority of the state. While the remainder of the state uses an average of 120 gallons per person, Long Beach boasts a usage of 90 to 95 gallons a person.

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A report from the Long Beach Press Telegram dives into the initiative called the Lawn-to-Garden program, which is one that encourages Long Beach residents to “take their lawn and replace it with a drought-tolerant native garden.” Many natives have opted to convert from traditional lawns to multi-use gardens. Additionally, something that benefits the city of Long Beach is that there is a large aquifer underneath it. Through the aquifer, it accounts for about 60% of Long Beach’s water use (due to the pumping of ground water).

Due to both, Long Beach has saved over 120 millions gallons of water since 2010. That’s amazing! Despite the amazing conservation successes, leadership in Long Beach is still encouraging a reduction of 15% on top of the water already saved. Imagine that!

For more information about Long Beach’s water conservation efforts, you can also visit this report on ABC7.

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