Yes, we even handle Hoarding Clean-outs!

Compulsive hoarding is a condition that comes in a variety of forms. In general, hoarding is a condition that affects millions of Americans and their families. There are different ways that people come into possession of the types of items acquired. Items can be acquired in a number of ways. Some examples include compulsive shopping, picking up free items, inheritance, gifts, the Internet, and gradual accumulation over many years. There is also variation in the types of items that are acquired and saved. Examples include, clothing, animals, tools, machines, crafts, containers, food, recyclables, sentimental possessions, and varieties of media containing information. 

If you have a hoarding situation and don’t know what to do don’t fret! We can handle it. EarthWise Hauling in Orange County can help eliminate all the unwanted junk and even provide carpet removal and cleaning services in cases where it may be needed. Our team is compassionate, caring, and experienced. During a clean-out we will set aside things that look important, such as pictures, money, jewelry and documents. We will also dispose of your belongings in the most Eco-friendly way possible, never going to landfills. 

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