Welcome to EarthWise Hauling – Long Beach

The Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Company. We offer the most professional & environmentally conscious Junk Removal and Hauling Services in the Long Beach area. Serving both residents and businesses, we are here to handle any and all of your Hauling and Removal needs.

Our business is unique because we do all the back-breaking work for you! Our prompt and professional teams are trained how to remove just about anything!

All you do is show us what you need removed and we handle it from there!

What makes our company special is how we view you, our client. We treat our customers as we’d treat our own families. That means we treat your house or business with the utmost respect and care. It also means that our friendly field techs are extremely courteous, accommodating and professional when they arrive. Doing business with you is both a privilege and a responsibility. It’s our guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our level of service. It’s a personal promise from me. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Joe Roth, Founder & CEO


9 Reasons Why you should choose EarthWise Hauling – Long Beach?

• We are available Monday-Sunday to accommodate even the busiest schedules
• We are fully insured
• All our employees are covered by worker’s comp insurance
• We are the only junk removal company in Southern California with the State required license and bonds needed to haul construction debris. (Lic #1043072)
• Our pricing is fair
• We have a “No Landfill Commitment!”
• We have a 5 Star Rating on Yelp!
• Angie’s List Super Service Award winner for 8 years in a row!
• We are a family owned, local small business, which means we support the local Long Beach area economy and provide jobs to the community

Why shouldn’t you choose EarthWise Hauling – Long Beach?

(If this describes you, we’re probably not the right company for you. No hard feelings, though!)

• You’re looking for the cheapest way to get rid of your junk
• You prefer working with unlicensed, unprofessional “contractors”
• You would prefer your junk to go to a landfill
• You’re not a big fan of courteous, professional & uniformed workers
• You enjoy lifting heavy stuff on your own and then going to the chiropractor afterward
• You expect a licensed and bonded junk removal company to compete with a price quote you got from a guy on craigslist

What should you expect when you hire EarthWise Hauling – Long Beach?

We know that when it comes to your hauling and demolition needs you have a choice. You can go with the guy on craigslist. You can do the DIY route and rent a dumpster. Or you can choose EarthWise Hauling – Long Beach. EarthWise has been committed to doing business differently and by different, we mean… better! We prioritize making our customers happy while helping the environment. When it comes to being “green”, we show our commitment by investing in environmentally-conscious practices. These include:

• Trucks that run on CNG (clean-burning Natural Gas)
• All items collected are recycled, reused or repurposed. We won’t dump at landfills. Period.
• We have a network of organizations that recycle and reuse all types of material.
• We have our own sorting facility to guarantee we recycle and repurpose as much as possible.

When you choose Earthwise Hauling – Long Beach for your hauling and demo needs, you can expect the best customer service, a fair price, and a professional team. Our commitment to keeping junk out of landfills is something that other companies don’t have. Ensuring that your unwanted items are recycled, reused or repurposed is our promise to you.

If you want to reclaim some space at your home or business in an eco-friendly way, contact EarthWise Hauling – Long Beach today!

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